the challenge

Hotel Arista had an awareness problem: They provided an unrivaled luxury experience, but their out-of-the-way location made it difficult to attract clientele.

big idea

The “Write Your Own Story” campaign tells the narrative of Arista’s archetypal guests, promising clients a luxurious freedom steeped in old-world glamour and new-age comfort.

real results

Through dramatic branding & strategic implementation, we established Hotel Arista as the most-desired lodging choice in Chicago’s Western Suburbs.

Research & Discovery:

Understanding Arista’s Challenges & Opportunities

Through qualitative & quantitative research, MACLYN identified Arista’s target market, created a detailed SWOT analysis, and gained insights from Advanced Analytics and other data sources. If a brand is a magic idea rocket (which it is), insights are the rocket-fuel.

Creative Brand Development:

Crafting the Story of Arista

We staged glamorous, highly narrative scenes within the hotel’s most iconic spaces: a maverick encountering a complex beauty, a fatale making an entrance accompanied by her loyal canine entourage, a couple indulging their audacious appetite for adventure. The Vogue-ish new brand has a dramatic voice & visual style that nods to the owners’ European heritage while appealing to our target market.

Omnichannel Brand Presence:

Attracting a Higher Class of Clientele

We implemented the “Write Your Own Story” campaign across all channels, from Google ads and branded website content to targeted emails and lifestyle publications. Our qualitative & quantitative research shows the campaign raised brand awareness, drove sales, and elevated perceived market value. A hidden gem was hidden no more.

Specialized Targeted-Messaging, Audience 1:

Promising an Effortless Wedding

We drove new prospects to Arista’s wedding & reception service, telling the new-age story of two soon-to-be wives whose wedding day was effortless – from ring to reception. The story appeared in targeted emails, Google Ads, wedding sites, lifestyle publications and other strategic channels.

Specialized Targeted-Messaging, Audience 2:

Reaching the Business Mavericks

We attracted business-minded clients to Arista through the story of a Maverick. The narrative, powerful and commanding, appeared in targeted emails, Google Ads, trade publications and other tactical outlets.