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the challenge

Before America could run on Dunkin’, they needed help to turn a Boston import into a hometown hero.

big idea

big idea

For over 20 years as a prolific Dunkin’ partner, we’ve perked up brand loyalty and kept excitement brewing in 53 markets all across the country.


real results

With strong local engagement, sports partnerships, social media and brand activation, MACLYN’s grown our national territory’s presence from 100 locations to 650 (and counting).

Brand Activation:

Getting the #GoGetters Going

MACLYN partnered with Chicago Bears legendary lineman Kyle Long to launch Dunkin’s Go2 menu: the menu for the #GoGetter. We intercepted on-the-go Chicagoans during the city’s rush-hour blitz, inviting them to snap a selfie with Long and share their #GoGetter goals.

Social-Platform Management & Content Curation:

Engaging Our Caffeinated Connoisseurs

MACLYN engages Dunkin’s Chicago-area market with organic content, cool deals, snappy videos, irresistible contests, and more than a few sweet surprises. We’re even partnering with social influencers to get the next generation excited about Dunkin’.

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Omnichannel Product Launch

Chicago Gets Espresso-m-g

We teamed-up with artists, media and social influencers to bring Dunkin’s hot new Espresso Menu to Chicago. The result? Marketing magic. (And magic-magic, too.) We made a buzz with local sports & media partners. We stirred-up our Millennial market with influencer-driven content. And we brewed-up a $229,500 value in impressions & engagements through live events, broadcasts, performance art, mobile engagement-installations and a real-life magician or two. It’s a big frothin’ deal.

National Gamified Promotion:

Sipping, Scratching & Scoring

Game on! MACLYN creates all POP and OOH advertisements for super-sweet national promotion Sip, Scratch, Score!

dunkin coffee

Product Awareness Campaign:

Getting Chicagoans to Espresso their Love for Dunkin’

We took Chicago’s temperature through a fun competition to boost sales for Dunkin’s delicious hot and iced espresso beverages. With the perfect blend of sports, celebrity and influencer partnerships, our campaign received over $410,639 value in impressions and engagements. No matter what side people picked, Dunkin’ won.

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Sports Partnerships:

Upping Our Chicago Game

Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears – oh my! To connect with Chicagoans on and off the court, MACLYN forged partnerships between Dunkin’ and the city’s most beloved sports teams: the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Chicago Fire, and the Chicago Bulls.

Altruistic Branding:

Raising the Roof for Special Olympics

MACLYN has partnered with the Special Olympics and local law enforcement to organize & promote the annual “Cop on a Rooftop” event, which raises upwards of $750,000 each year for Special Olympics athletes. Because, in 2018, it’s not enough for a brand to do “well.” To win the hearts & minds of the community, you have to empower them to do good.