the challenge

Dunkin’ wanted to break into the competitive Chicago market. But first, as a Boston import, they had to become a favorite of local coffee-and-donut devotees.

big idea

For more than 20 years, MACLYN has been a prolific partner with Dunkin’ to make this Boston brand a Chicago hometown hero. It’s been a sweet journey.

real results

With strong local engagement, sports partnerships, social media and brand activation, MACLYN’s grown Dunkin’s Chicagoland presence from 100 locations to 650 (and counting).

Brand Activation:

Getting the #GoGetters Going

MACLYN partnered with Chicago Bears legendary lineman Kyle Long to launch Dunkin’s Go2 menu: the menu for the #GoGetter. We intercepted on-the-go Chicagoans during the city’s rush-hour blitz, inviting them to snap a selfie with Long and share their #GoGetter goals.

Social-Platform Management & Content Curation:

Engaging Our Caffeinated Connoisseurs

MACLYN engages Dunkin’s Chicago-area market with organic content, cool deals, snappy videos, irresistible contests, and more than a few sweet surprises. We’re even partnering with social influencers to get the next generation excited about Dunkin’.

Omnichannel Product Launch

Chicago Gets Espresso-m-g

We teamed-up with artists, media and social influencers to bring Dunkin’s hot new Espresso Menu to Chicago. The result? Marketing magic. (And magic-magic, too.) We made a buzz with local sports & media partners. We stirred-up our Millennial market with influencer-driven content. And we brewed-up a $229,500 value in impressions & engagements through live events, broadcasts, performance art, mobile engagement-installations and a real-life magician or two. It’s a big frothin’ deal.

Community Engagement:

Rolling Out the Sampling Van

MACLYN engages Chicagoans on their own turf, deploying the Dunkin’ Sampling Van to local festivals and sporting events. It’s an on-the-go way to give locals a taste of their favorite Chicago brand.

National Gamified Promotion:

Sipping, Scratching & Scoring

Game on! MACLYN creates all POP and OOH advertisements for super-sweet national promotion Sip, Scratch, Score!

Product Awareness Campaign:

Getting Chicagoans to Espresso their Love for Dunkin’

We took Chicago’s temperature through a fun competition to boost sales for Dunkin’s delicious hot and iced espresso beverages. With the perfect blend of sports, celebrity and influencer partnerships, our campaign received over $410,639 value in impressions and engagements. No matter what side people picked, Dunkin’ won.

Sports Partnerships:

Upping Our Chicago Game

Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears – oh my! To connect with Chicagoans on and off the court, MACLYN forged partnerships between Dunkin’ and the city’s most beloved sports teams: the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Chicago Fire, and the Chicago Bulls.

Altruistic Branding:

Raising the Roof for Special Olympics

MACLYN has partnered with the Special Olympics and local law enforcement to organize & promote the annual “Cop on a Rooftop” event, which raises upwards of $750,000 each year for Special Olympics athletes. Because, in 2018, it’s not enough for a brand to do “well.” To win the hearts & minds of the community, you have to empower them to do good.