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the challenge

“The Homestead” was ready to grow into a national autism organization, but the market perceived them as “small-time” and “local.”

big idea

big idea

MACLYN rebranded the organization as “Balance Autism,” focusing on their innovative balance of science with imagination, “to bring balance to the lives of the families [they] serve.”


real results

Through emotional branding & strategic implementation, we shifted market perception and empowered Balance Autism to enter new markets.

Research & Discovery:

Understanding Balance Autism’s Challenges & Opportunities

Through qualitative & quantitative research, MACLYN identified Balance Autism’s target market, created a detailed SWOT analysis, and gained insights from Advanced Analytics and other data sources.

balance autism

Creative Brand Development:

Bringing Balance to Life

MACLYN crafted a distinct brand voice, mark and visual style that shifts market perceptions, elevating Balance Autism to a national leader.

Cinematic Storytelling, Part 1:

Forming an Emotional Connection with Parents

Inspired by real-life stories, MACLYN crafted a series of cinematic narratives designed to form emotional connections with our target markets. The first video tells the story of a mother struggling to connect with her son at the most basic level, a struggle that any parent can understand.

Cinematic Storytelling, Part 2:

Reaching an Adult Audience through Authenticity

We connected with adults living with autism – a key target market – through the story of Olivia, an adult who finds balance in life. MACLYN teamed-up with a real-life client to connect with this audience and illustrate the full scope & impact of Balance Autism’s services.

Website Development:

Creating a Home for Balance

MACLYN developed a new, UX/UI-friendly website imbued with Balance Autism’s brand promise.

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Immersive Brand-Launch Experience:

Bringing Balance to the World

To launch the new brand, MACLYN created an immersive experience – honoring the organization’s rich history while introducing employees, clients and the greater community to the new brand.