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the challenge

As a leading business-and-technology innovator, Avanade thrives on change – changing norms, changing technology, a changing world. However, all that change made it difficult to define their identity. They needed an answer to the question: What is Avanade about?

big idea

big idea

MACLYN partnered with Avanade to identify a value proposition centered on “The Human Impact.” With humanity as our core message, we crafted a series of cross-platform campaigns that have changed the way the world sees Avanade.


real results

With MACLYN’s help, Avanade has become a leading voice in the fields of business and technology. We ignited ideas. We banished buzzwords. We told stories. We helped Avanade find their voice. Now, the world is listening.

Cinematic Storytelling

Bringing Humanity through Technology to SCI

With an emotionally driven narrative, we illustrated how Avanade and Service Corporation International (SCI) simplified the funeral planning process to help families navigate the difficult journey of loss. Impacting humanity through technology in life and beyond.

Conversation & Content

Engaging the C-Suite in a Social Conversation

Cybersecurity, Digital Ethics, AI the tech world is crowded with products and buzzwords. With the #BeyondtheBuzzword campaign, we helped Avanade curate meaningful conversations on the impact of technology on humanity – online and offline.

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Documentary Storytelling

Using Altruism to Advance Women in the STEM Fields

Avanade strives to make a genuine human impact by inspiring the business and technology leaders of the future – especially women from all over the world. In this film, we interview Nandita, an Avanade Scholarship recipient to learn her story and Avanade’s role in empowering young women to pursue careers in STEM.

Narrative Storytelling

Transforming Business through People and Their Passions

At the heart of Avanade Advisory’s transformative solutions are people with passion—passion that drives them, inspires them, and even changes them. These are the humans who drive impact through technology. Here, Avanade business advisors share how the values and skills from their ‘passion projects’ transform their work.