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the challenge

Level 257 had forgotten why the world plays. Sales were stagnant. The target market was uninspired. Meanwhile, the high-concept dining-entertainment destination neglected its parent company’s biggest IP.

big idea

big idea

We created “Play Together Again,” a brand that taps into pop-gamer culture while reminding the world that gaming isn’t just fun; it’s a social experience that matters now more than ever.


real results

In the first year alone, we raised sales by 10% and established a loyal customer base, positioning Bandai Namco to expand the franchise.

Research & Discovery:

Understanding Level 257’s Challenges & Opportunities

Through qualitative & quantitative research, MACLYN identified Level 257’s target market, created a detailed SWOT analysis, and gained insights from Google Analytics & other data sources.



Creative Brand Development:

Tapping into Pop-Gamer Culture

MACLYN crafted a distinct brand voice, mark and visual style. The Level 257 brand is narrated by PAC-MAN himself (in human form, for the first time ever), who delivers pop-gamer references and social diatribes with a dash of sardonic wit and a few post-modern winks. Visually, the brand features scrumptious goodies and drinks in an upscale arcade setting, often with a hidden PAC-MAN “Easter egg.”



increase in

Omnichannel Brand Presence:

Scoring Awareness & Consideration

We implemented the new Level 257 brand across all channels, from social platforms and digital advertising to in-store branding and targeted emails.

Social Platform Management:

Building an Army of Digital Devotees

MACLYN transformed Level 257’s social media presence into a treasure trove of pop-gamer culture. Playful gaming references and irresistible food abounds, engaging gamers and foodies alike. Meanwhile, “Giant PAC-MAN Selfie Contests” and other promotions keep them coming back to Level 257.

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Brand Installation:

Honoring an 8-Bit Legacy

MACLYN created The Legacy of the Legend, an interactive museum that follows PAC-MAN’s journey: from humble beginnings to international fame. The installation builds healthy nostalgia for Bandai Namco’s flagship IP, while introducing a new generation to the phenomenon of PAC-MAN fever.

Website Development:

Capturing a High-Concept Dining-Entertainment XP

MACLYN developed an engaging, UX/UI-friendly website imbued with the “Play Together Again” brand. The site pairs beautiful food imagery with nostalgic gaming fun (and more than a few hidden PAC-MAN cookies).

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Strategic Search Optimization:

Getting on the Google Leaderboard

We optimized relevant search-engine results for Level 257, driving our target markets to the new website.

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Targeted Digital Advertising:

Attracting Foodies, Gamers & Pop-Culture Fanatics

We target Level 257’s wide-ranging market with curated digital advertising – driving traffic to the new website, where we collect user data for further targeted marketing.