the challenge

CITYGATE offers rich experiences to customers in its six unique entertainment venues. But it was considered a corporate, black-tie brand – making it difficult to attract a younger crowd.

the solution

We brought together the campus’ 6 separate entities, sampled from one plate. Through campus-wide rebranding and targeted messaging, we changed people’s perceptions and cooked up excitement among a diverse clientele to get together at CITYGATE.


Brand Development
Content Creation
Content Marketing
Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Website Development
Loyalty Programs


Understanding CITYGATE’s Challenges & Opportunities

If a brand is a magic idea rocket (which it is), insights are the rocket-fuel. Through qualitative & quantitative research, MACLYN identified CITYGATE’s target market, created a detailed SWOT analysis, and gained insights from current market trends and brand positioning. Then, we developed the new brand and launched it into the universe.

Creative Brand Development:

The Gateway to Amazing Experiences

To shine a light on this hidden gem only known to the business community and raise awareness among a broader audience, MACLYN created the “All. Together. Now.” Campaign. We crafted a distinct voice and sleek visual style to rebrand the CITYGATE campus and redefine the CITYGATE experience. With a modernized marketing strategy, we helped CITYGATE break free from its corporate image and attract younger residents of Chicago’s Western Suburbs to its campus.
We implemented the “All. Together. Now.” campaign across all channels, from branded website content and videos to targeted emails, events and promotions. Our qualitative & quantitative research shows the campaign improved brand recognition, established strong customer relationships, and inspired brand loyalty among a diverse clientele.
Omnichannel Brand Presence:

A New Brand is Served


Making Each
Experience Count

As the first—and biggest step—toward unifying CITYGATE’s six entertainment venues and rebranding the campus, we launched the “CITYGATE XP” program. Now, each time customers visit any of CITYGATE’s restaurants or spa, they earn Experience Points—redeemable anywhere on campus. By rewarding experiences, we raised awareness for the different entities and kept customers coming back for more.

Rolling Out a Delicious Offer

From sensational spaghetti to playful pappardelle, Che Figata at CITYGATE offers customers a variety of hand-crafted, passionately made pastas. However, it was considered a fancy, upscale venue – only reserved for special occasions. So, we doubled down our marketing efforts to promote the 10 for $10 offer – drawing foodies & wine lovers from far and wide to indulge in an authentic, Italy-to-table experience.

Specialized Targeted Messaging:

Something Old, Something New

There’s nothing borrowed or blue about this campaign. “Write Your Own Story” tells the narrative of Arista’s archetypal guests, promising clients a luxurious freedom steeped in old-world glamour and new-age comfort. Through dramatic branding & strategic implementation, we established Hotel Arista as the most-desired lodging choice in Chicago’s Western Suburbs.


Growing a business

We drove a younger, business-minded audience to the campus by bringing Zorba Cocktail Bar and Hotel Arista together to create a lifestyle concept for the urban traveler. Ultimately, we unified the entities and changed the brand perception of CITYGATE from corporate and elite — to modern and upbeat.

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