MACLYN Des Moines is looking for a hybrid: someone with the perfect blend of strategic and relationship management skills.

As an Account Executive + Strategist, you will:

  • Work closely with a tight-knit group of smart, slightly nerdy people
  • Create strategies at every level: from overarching brand approaches to social media campaigns
  • Bring new value to our clients in ways no one saw coming
  • Find and chase leads as you build our Des Moines portfolio
  • Help transform our agency into the agency of the future
  • Be a pleasantly disruptive force in brainstorms
  • Help us build an ecosystem of industry partners
  • Be fast, be flexible, and be ready for adventure
  • Present your work (and others’ work) to our clients
  • Use data to support everything you say and do
  • Be a leader in the Des Moines community
  • Be a sponge: Learn a little about every side of the agency

We are less interested in what you have done and more interested in who you are.

Yes, we are looking for someone with strong roots in Des Moines and, ideally, agency experience (2+ years or equivalent). But we are more interested in how you think and what matters to you.

In lieu of a cover letter, please send a one-page note (or video, or strategic overview, or whatever else) explaining what frustrates you about the advertising world and what you plan to do about it.

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