“For the Human Experience” doesn’t look or sound like other brands in the medical technology industry.

Created by MACLYN, IMRIS’ new brand retains many of the field’s hallmarks: the sleek innovation, the hulking magnets, the delicate microscopes, the futuristic wide-shots of machinery fit for the U.S.S. Enterprise. It’s there – in all its artificial beauty, all its technological glory. But this time, instead of being the focus of the image, technology is the backdrop.

In its place – in a dramatic blaze of color – is a statement… the hero of IMRIS’ new brand… the human. They’re dancing; they’re laughing; they’re pirouetting across the operating table. And as they breathe new life into an industry known for its dry, technical language and cold, clinical look, they’re redefining the world’s perception of IMRIS.

Join us over the coming weeks as we walk you through the battles, the brainstorms, the scribbles on cocktail napkins, and the rare “Eureka! moments” that lead to the creation of the new, human-centric IMRIS brand – a brand that’s elevated IMRIS from a medical device company to a global force of human innovation.

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