Meet MACLYN’S Finest: Katie

If you’re going to advertise colorful lives, you first have to live one.

Sure enough, Katie is a vagabond spirit incarnate. A case study in eclectic charisma, she’s fueled by a fiercely vivacious desire to connect with the world at large.

“People drive me. Connecting with one another is the best. I think that’s where happiness comes from.”

As a kid, she’d roll around in the mud wearing bows and a pink dress. That earnest engagement never wore off. She comes up with band names in the back of her head (the current name of her fictional band is Bubblegum Rage Machine). She predicts the endings of TV shows. (she called that Jon Snow was a Targaryen way back in season 2). She sometimes wonders if we’re in a computer simulation run by dolphins (or inside an old arcade machine). Her favorite color is orange (“Because people don’t appreciate it enough! It’s the Ringo Starr of colors”).

A world traveler, Katie reported for duty at MACLYN fresh from a trip to Israel.

“What I liked most is that I interacted with people from all over the world: England, Paris, Germany, Israel, and I got to understand their culture more. I enjoy people’s stories, and it was fun to collect those from around the globe.”

“Personally, I like this whole idea of connecting with total strangers. I think it’s really interesting where we live in a world where it’s normalized. Everyone has the ability to express who they are to the world at large. You don’t have to be famous to be heard.”

And that interest includes how people behave in the digital realm.

“I think it’s interesting how virtual life integrates to real life. You can speak meme now.”

While she acknowledges there’s a lot of downsides to how people interact with their online selves, the core of human connection always prevails. “We didn’t have Wi-Fi in Israel, and everyone was forced to become friends. Person-to-person. That’s always a nice, healthy medium.”

Whether you’re interested in the kind of FOMO-inducing content this social media ninja has in store, or want to stay posted on tour dates for Bubblegum Rage Machine, Katie is one to follow.