Annual Chili Battle-Bowl: Pregame Analysis

Hold onto your spoons.

Here comes MACLYN’s Annual Chili Battle-Bowl.

That’s right; hordes of the agency’s harshest food-critics and most esteemed culinarians are about to descend on the MACLYN kitchen, armed with crock-pots, saltines and an arsenal of highly classified ingredients. Only two rules: no kicking below the belt, and no “Average” chili allowed. Continue reading Annual Chili Battle-Bowl: Pregame Analysis

Meet MACLYN’s Finest: Sam Brahler

Back in World War II, “Rosie the Riveter” was a symbol of strength, feminism and we-can-do-itness. She was also famous.

But was she ever… Instafamous?

Meet Sam Rose Brahler. A modern-day Rosie the Riveter, Sam recently graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s of Communication… and then stormed the front lines of MACLYN’s noble war against Average.

She isn’t technically a riveter (Who is? Seriously?). But Sam has both the red hair and the fiery spirit of Rosie. And as an Account Coordinator, she channels this inner flame to help strategize and execute plans for clients like Dunkin’ Donuts.

And did we mention she’s Instafamous?

Meet MACLYN’s Finest: Allison Kim

Allison suspects she was born in the wrong decade. The evidence? She spends much of her time watching ‘80s and ‘90s horror flicks (Scream is king, of course). Her cat, Wookie, joins her on the weekends for borderline-unhealthy binges of classic sitcoms. When the last-know manufacturer of VCRs closed their doors in 2016, she was among the few millennials who shed tears.

Despite her generational mix-up, Allison’s love of all things pre-Y2K is coming in handy at MACLYN. She can write for generations other than her own – a rare skill in the ad business. The characters from her film obsessions keep her arsenal of written voices fully stocked. And as she sharpens her copywriting skills with the pros, her blend of genre tastes helps her shift tones quicker than you could swap cassettes.

When she graduates from DePaul University this spring, Allison plans to pursue a career in advertising and, if needed, save the universe from Daleks.