Now Hiring: Social Media Content Creator

MACLYN needs a social juggernaut.

Someone who can speak exclusively in Emoji.

Someone who can slide effortlessly into my DM.

Someone who lies awake at night writing the next great American InstaStory.

If you struggle against the “good enough,” if you reject the easy and the obvious to seek out the truly original, let’s create together. Continue reading Now Hiring: Social Media Content Creator

MACLYN is Looking for a Kickass Social Media Marketing Intern

Do new social media tools get your brain going? Do your friends know you as a social media innovator? Are you constantly looking for new ways to connect with people through the Internet? Does the thought of social media marketing excite you?

This paid internship position is for a superb go-getter looking to do kickass work with an awesome team.

If this sounds like you, let’s chat. Continue reading MACLYN is Looking for a Kickass Social Media Marketing Intern

NOW HIRING – Web Developer with WordPress Experience

Are you a kick-ass web developer? Do you constantly think and dream about ways to improve web experiences? Do you love collaborating with art directors to solve challenges and bring beautiful, engaging creative to the web? Then we should talk. We are looking for a kick-ass web developer to join our growing creative agency. Continue reading NOW HIRING – Web Developer with WordPress Experience

NOW HIRING – The Greatest Executive Assistant Ever!

MACLYN is a boutique creative agency with a client base ranging from national icons to local start-ups. Our award-winning agency is recognized for creating and communicating powerful, timeless brands through traditional, integrated, social and interactive media. 

We are looking to hire the most amazing executive assistant ever!

Why do you want this job?


you agree – it’s cool to work in the ad business.

you have always wanted to work in a fun, collaborative environment.

you thrive on hard work.

no administrative task is too large or too small for you.

you have a knack for conversing and communicating with employees and clients—and can get anyone to smile and laugh.

your career goal is to be an amazing executive assistant for a company that will truly value you.

What are the responsibilities and skills of our amazing executive assistant?

You’ll need to perform administrative duties for agency management and appropriate staff. At various times, your responsibilities will include screening calls, managing calendars, making travel, meeting and event arrangements, handling office supply inventory management, assisting in monthly accounts receivable collections, completing ongoing spreadsheets; troubleshooting, proofreading and manage specific projects, and much, much more.

What kind of skillset do you need?

You need to…

seriously know your way around Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

know how to Google anything and everything.

love making conversation with staff and clients. You have to make clients feel like they’ve known you forever.

have project coordination experience. If you are given a big administrative project, you need to know how to get it done on time and on budget.

have a sufficient knowledge of how to use social media.

Knowledge of WordPress content management a major plus! But not a requirement.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to be a positive person. Not pretend “positive”, more like you love life even when you’re thrown a curveball positive.

You In?

Then please send your resume and a brief intro paragraph to

NOW HIRING! Senior Art Director

Do you cringe when see bad kerning on a billboard? Do you collect stuff that’s been designed really awesome, because it’s just freakin’ designed really awesome? Do you find it hard to not Art Direct family photos? Do you love typography in ways you can’t talk about at parties?

If you answered yes to these questions, read on.

We are looking for a visual ninja with a penchant for crafting big ideas to join our team. If you’re a badass and want to hang with other badasses doing amazing work, then we’re the place you should be working.


Our ideal senior art director will be exceptional at:

• Concept and design of big and small: big ideas, advertising campaigns, outdoor, web design, social media posts, mobile etc.

• Identity: logomarks, letterhead, color theory

• Photoshoots: people, product, food, environment

• Building and maintaining a brand look

• The details: kerning, leading, x-heights, cap heights, etc. (If these seem unfamiliar stop reading)


Things you need to start the conversation:

• A stunning portfolio, yes we said stunning

• Experience creating outstanding work for both print and online

• 7-10 years experience, preferably agency experience

• Bachelors degree in Graphic Design or enough experience to justify not having one


Things that will help you get in the door:

• A wicked passion for the work, we’re talking a lot of passion

• History with hospitality, beer and restaurant brands. B2B experience is a plus, but not mandatory

• A collaborative attitude

• Work ethic. No really, work ethic


You in? Send us your stuff: portfolio, resume, creative philosophy and salary requirements to