Meet MACLYN’s Finest: Eli Shiman

Eli is looking to accumulate as much knowledge as he can.

In another life, Eli walked the doctoral path – he is fascinated by medical innovation. He now focuses his efforts on spreading altruistic messages across the globe. He cut his teeth early on, promoting small businesses and start-ups before moving on to help local family-owned businesses in his second home of Bloomington-Normal.

Eli is intellectually omnivorous – a modern day renaissance man. He is constantly improving his mind and body, absorbing podcasts on his daily commutes and sharing documentaries with his inner circle. He spends his free time studying fitness, travel, neuroscience, psychology, and the culinary arts (which he puts into practice daily). He prides himself on his philanthropic work and spends time educating the younger generation on sustainability and sign language. Why does he do all of this?

“I love the socialization aspect of culture in general,” Eli muses. “I find it fascinating to watch the progression of how we all interact.”

It makes him not only a more formidable Account Coordinator, but a better human being.